The Path of Truth and Freedom

Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe. (Albert Einstein)

        According to Dao all big things begin at small ones, so our true humanity begins at the freedom of mind in intentions and actions of which our true inner content and its bestial or Divine value are revealed. Real humanity is not an acquired profession or selection of behaviour model (face) in order to please someone. Real presence or absence of humanity is revealed in everyday life in front of your wife, children (or monastic community) and most of all when staying alone. In order to understand own real value an inner mirror is needed that consists of moral, conscience, honour, ethics and principle of honesty with yourself. However modern democracy has opened a door to the freedom and choices that gave deep degeneration of moral, conscience, honour and ethics, so modern seeker for freedom desires only easy and pleasant life. Thus, instead of base of human values, in humans’ mind an abyss begins to open into which modern human is rolling … [ … ] and where he/she flies luxuriating in the feeling of free fall till he/she strikes the first knobbing rock or thwacks on the bottom of the abyss. A lure to rise to the bait of whims captivated us so much that we don’t notice a lie and painful cheat lurking in it. Fall of empires only confirms that human is defeated not by the things that emaciate, but by the things that indulge. In order to become a real thinking human, but not an animal in human’s shape, there are two ways: first and more common way is a family, and another, less popular, is a monkhood. From the point of view of sobriety in both cases the most important part of such life consists of service to relatives and community. Life for others helps a human to depurate from inordinate bonds of egoism that enlace mind and pure human will that hardly pulls away from the brute. In order to know own real face at least partially it is enough to live with a partner, i.e. to have a commitment for service and gestation of true selfless Love. If you have a spouse or a partner and you still are attracted by other poles of opposite sex [outside family], this is a serious sign of domination of bestial instincts and sad situation of mind’s moral. A mind characterized by such features is inapprehensive, shallow, doesn’t feel small internal and external crucial phenomena that are important for future development of personality. This is a very serious sign that there is a time to start inner fight before disappearance of human values haven’t took place and therein mind deformation lying. Beginning of such fight is an acquirement of knowledge and practice and that happens by studying different religions, old world-views and natural healthy lifestyle. Strong primal stimulus can also be invoked by a performed ibogaine session. This is some kind of forestall of the events when a human who remembered himself/herself and knew own responsibility for own actions (saw a cheat behind pleasant or frivolous choices) receives a strong chance to convert, change habits, find mission of own life [to try answering the question of who am I?] after knowing what ends and what starts with death, and thus become something more than a cog in a social conveyor.