About The Effect

If we have no enough belief and hope, God doesn’t reveal to us our whole soul in order we would not go to pieces after the view of our sins

  Nobody can decide on behaviour of other person when sophisticated ethical problems are being touched. Every person has to tackle own problem and to seek for the right way.

Ibogaine is characterized by unique feature to bridge between the consciousness and sub-consciousness. It is the only hallucinogen that unlocks the most essential Truth of individuality without special preparation and training. This plant is a Teacher that reveals both complexes of personal sub-consciousness and collective archetypes of sub-consciousness that are stimulating everyday actions that determine course of life. In other words, it is a serious and intense meeting with the sub-consciousness and decisions of the tasks it raises require particular determination and courage.

Sub-consciousness reveals to us overall vital relationships and human’s dependence on all life. However many people are not tended to analyze and think seriously about known sins, the more especially as people don’t want and are too lazy to analyze an influence of sub-consciousness, i.e. hidden sins.

During the session a new centre of observation appears above abyssal parts of consciousness, and different mental shapes evidence in the latitude of its horizon at a distance of different mental space. These are formations of consciousness (which found their way from attention’s shadow zone to eyeshot of intensive inner sight) that become accessible in the level of conditional consciousness during the therapy. Nascence and growth of these mental manifestations was stimulated by different external factors as well as conscious or unconscious personal choice in ordinary world, however roots of nature of every manifesting mental shape in such flotation state are clearly visible and this seeing initiates a mental convalescence.

Ibogaine is a remedy that sends intense informative flow in shape of images and hints about what is wrong in our behaviour or inside us. Thus assimilation of bitter (as the taste of the root) Truths begins which helps converting into human.

 „Messages“ of informational flow sent by ibogaine are multidimensional therefore further results [chains] of addictions or other [proper or improper] choices become more that obvious. These intense messages have power enough to change formations of neuro-systems related to human’s addictions or vices, and one of the reasons that catalyzes the process is a clear afflatus [abyssal perception] revealing uncanny results or wrong choices in presence of short life. In this case Lithuanian proverb would be very suitable: „As you saw you shall mow.“ Hence, human gets a possibility to know the seeds of own choices and their present and future yield, and this in turn helps to treat arising confrontations more understandingly and perceptively, in other words it is one of the possibilities to stand for meaningful life. In that case the session is a respectable self-analysis that changes life.

A man who has not passed through the inferno of his passions has never overcome them. They then dwell in the house next door, and at any moment a flame may dart out and set fire to his own house. Whenever we give up, leave behind, and forget too much, there is always the danger that the things we have neglected will return with the added force.“

(- C. G. Jung)